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Nompharma Limited specialises in the wholesale, storage and distribution of branded and generic pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare products. We are also one of the UK's leading providers of temperature-controlled courier services. The business currently operates in an MHRA approved site in Nottingham, with over 30 sqft of warehousing supported by a specialised management software system.



 NomPharma Limited is committed to “making quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the world.”We have established ten core values that provide the foundations for all of our products and services.



 We prioritise in ensuring the quality of the medicines and healthcare products we deliver is of the utmost importance. We take care to deliver rigorous management of quality throughout all processes to ensure that appropriate standards are maintained until the final product is received and beyond.



We are committed to offer cost effective solutions by having a thorough understanding of each market and it's requirements.



Our goal for excellence the guides everything we do. We bring our insight and experience to adapt to each customer’s requirements and situation. Our aim throughout is customer satisfaction.



 We are committed to offering a wide range of products to allow our customers to confidently procure from a single reliable source.



Our logistics solutions are tailored to our customers’ specific needs. We work closely with our customers to ensure accurate and on-time delivery wherever our customers may be.



 We are committed to building long-term relationships with all business partners for mutual benefit.



 We pride ourselves on ethical working practices, backed by robust corporate and social responsibility that covers all of our dealings with customers, suppliers, employees and the environment.



Owning our own products give us unique insight – we thrive in a complex world! It takes a unique combination of expertise, experience and empathy to deal with the intricacies of achieving the right medicine, to the right patient at the right time. It’s about healthcare, logistics, pharmaceuticals, regulatory law, manufacturing, customs law and more, all working in harmony.



There’s a human story behind everything we do. Because of the close relationships we’ve built with healthcare professionals and regulatory bodies, we hear about them first-hand. Difficult and often urgent situations bring out the best in us.



 In a continuously evolving environment, it is vital that we stay at the forefront of our industry.  We add something new to our knowledge every day. It’s precious to us as a business and, above all, vital to the wellbeing of patients.

What our customers say 
Nompharma Limited are a perfect partner for all pharmaceutical and medical supplies and solutions. They have proven time and again that they are capable of providing quality and affordable products for us and our service users even at very short notice. We highly recommend their pharmaceutical products and services.

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