NomPharma Limited is an MHRA registered pharmaceutical wholesaler. The company was originally founded in 2014 as a pharmaceutical consultancy service. This is a wholly family run business. Through consistently delivering excellent customer service to the local healthcare population, NomPharma Limited experienced accelerated growth whilst at the same time gaining an intimate understanding of the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals alike. With this fundamental understanding of the healthcare industry, NomPharma Limited has established itself as a successful pharmaceutical wholesaler.

NomPharma Limited houses a diverse team of professionals from a wide background within the healthcare industry. The team comprises of pharmacists, pharmaceutical industry professionals and an experienced customer service team which is always on-hand to excel the customer experience. 

Within the UK, the strength of NomPharma Limited is in the wholesaling of pharmaceutical products known as 'specials'.  At NomPharma Limited we also house a specialist business unit that delivers pharmaceutical wholesale solutions to our customers.

NomPharma Limited is committed to delivering solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. With this in mind, sustained investments are being made into the company to ensure the perfect customer experience is maintained.


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